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Types of Baby Movements

Babies start to move very early in pregnancy, but most women don't feel the movements until about half-way through the pregnancy. The first time that a woman feels the baby moving is called quickening.

Every baby has its own pattern of movements. There are several kinds of normal baby movements that you may feel in the last half of pregnancy.

One kind of normal movement is the body roll, where the baby turns from one side of your abdomen to the other. During this movement your abdomen may be pushed out by your baby's back.

Another kind of movement is kicking under your ribs. The main part of your baby's body is usually on the opposite side from where you feel the kicking. The baby's kicks can become quite strong near your due date and can be very uncomfortable. You may notice that your baby starts kicking in response to loud noises or music.

Sometimes you may feel a quick bumping movement every few seconds. These fast bumps are probably hiccups and are normal. The baby's hiccups can be so strong that you may be able to see your abdomen jumping.

Your baby constantly makes many other movements that you don't feel, such as practice breathing, moving the eyes, bending or stretching arms and legs, waving, and turning or rolling. The smaller the movement is, the less likely you are to feel it.

If you have questions about your baby's movements or you feel that your baby is moving less than usual, call your healthcare provider for advice.

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