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Choosing a doctor is an important decision. The right physician and a capable staff can make a huge difference!

We make the task easy for you by selecting only the most highly qualified providers, then staffing our offices with the best available nurses and administrators. Next we offer you exceptional care and service, telehealth appointments, 24/7 online access, online appointment check-in and a team of registered nurses to take your call any time of night.
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Choosing a doctor is an important decision. With over 24,000 patient reviews posted on our website, we make the task easy for you. Visit us at

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Last Name
Evelyne Caron, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Exeter, NH
Apara Dave, MD
Infectious Disease
  • Exeter, NH
Robert Kelly, MD, MPH
  • Exeter, NH
Mini Mahata, MD
Endocrinology (Diabetes)
  • Stratham, NH
(603) 926-1119
Kimberly Marble, MD
Plastic Surgery
  • Exeter, NH
David Pruette, MD
Pediatrics (Children/Infants & Adolescents)
  • Epping, NH
Denise Smith, PA-C
Plastic Surgery
  • Exeter, NH
(603) 773-9904