Health Record - A Summary of Your Health History

A Health Record is a summary document of your Core Physicians’ health history and can include items such as; allergies, medications, conditions, lab results, vital signs and more.

Within a few days after completing your enrollment in the patient portal, an initial Health Record will be sent to you. This is the only time a Health Record will be automatically sent to you. After you receive your initial Health Record, you will then be able to request additional Health Records to see your latest test results and information.

How to update your Health Record - view test results

To update your Health Record to see your latest test results and information, select Health Record and scroll to the bottom of the screen to select Request a consolidated health record. Then select a date range or a complete record and click Request Record.

Health Records may take up to 4 days to appear in your portal account.
Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Edge are recommended internet browsers for the patient portal. We do not recommend using Safari.

Test Results
Any available updates to your Health Record, such as Core lab test results, will only appear after your new Health Record request is processed.

X-rays, Ultrasounds. MRIs, Cat Scans
Results that display for X-rays, Ultrasounds. MRIs, Cat Scans, etc. performed at Exeter Hospital (and their satellite locations) are limited and best viewed through the Exeter Hospital Patient Portal or by asking your physician’s office for a copy of the report. X-rays performed at the Center for Orthopedics & Movement are not visible on the patient portal.

Advance Directives
Advance Directive information on the portal is limited and does not constitute a legal document or any assurance that the information is still accurate. Please verify the information with the holder of the legal document before using it for clinical purposes.

Clinical Questions
If you have a clinical question about any of the information in your Health Record, please send a Patient Portal message to your doctor’s office.

Copy of Complete Medical Record
If you are in need of a more detailed copy of your medical record, you can request a copy of your Core Physicians’ medical record.