How to Request Your Personal Health Record (PHR)

A new Personal Health Record (PHR) must be requested every time you want to see any available updates to your health record. Please make your request at least 5 days after any test(s) were performed and only refer to the PHR sent to your Inbox for the results.

Login to your Patient Portal account.

From the MY CHART tab, select Request Health Record


 The Request Personal Health Record form will display. 


If you are enrolled in a Non-Core practice, select the Practice where the request is to be sent

If you are managing other people’s accounts, select the Patient on whose behalf you are making the request.

Keep the Chart Date as All

Click Submit

Check your Inbox from a desktop computer
When the health record is sent to you overnight, it shows up as a new Personal Health Record item in your MAIL Inbox. The document is formatted as a Continuity of Care Document (CCDA). This CCDA is the best online source for your clinical information on the portal. Due to a NextGen system defect, only refer to the PHR sent to your Inbox for the results. Do not refer to MY CHART.

Test Results
Any available updates to your Personal Health Record, such as most lab results, will appear (on the CCDA in your inbox) once a new Personal Health Record request is processed. This could take overnight to process from the time of your request.

X-rays, Ultrasounds. MRIs, Cat Scans
Results that display for X-rays, Ultrasounds. MRIs, Cat Scans, etc. performed at Exeter Hospital (and their satellite locations) are limited and best viewed through the Exeter Hospital Patient Portal or by asking your physician’s office for a copy of the report. X-rays performed at the Center for Orthopedics & Movement are not visible on the patient portal.

Advance Directives
Advance Directive information on the portal is limited and does not constitute a legal document or any assurance that the information is still accurate. Please verify the information with the holder of the legal document before using it for clinical purposes.

If you have a clinical question about any of the information in your PHR (CCDA), please send a Patient Portal message to your doctor’s office.

Mobile Device

The Request Health Record link on a Mobile device can be located elsewhere, such as the left navigation column as seen in this iPhone screen shot. However, it is recommended that you view your PHR using a desktop device at this time.