MAKO Robotic Arm for Partial Knee Replacement

To ensure greater accuracy and precision

Thomas McGovern, MD, a joint replacement specialist, has begun using the new MAKO robotic arm for partial knee replacement. The MAKO technology allows for more precise and custom treatment of the joint, enabling Dr. McGovern to perform partial knee replacements instead of full knee replacements for appropriate patients, extending the life of the joint.
For a partial joint replacement, as with a full knee replacement, Dr. McGovern starts with a 3D CT scan to map out the joint to ensure a custom fit. Using the robotic arm for the surgery allows Dr. McGovern to be much more precise and does not allow the surgeon to go “outside the lines” of the mapped out boundaries of the part to be replaced. Dr. McGovern has performed thousands of joint replacements in his career as an orthopedic surgeon.
“When patients hear ‘robotic surgery’, they often imagine a robot is now doing the surgery. In actuality, this MAKO robotic arm is a tool I use during surgery to ensure greater accuracy and precision.”

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MAKO Robotics for Partial Knee Replacement – Patient Story