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Eileen Behan, RD Recieves the Lulu Graves Nutrition Education Award

Eileen Behan, RD has been honored with national recognition for her foster healthy eating project – For the Love of Food.

The American Dietetic Association recently presented Behan with the Lulu Graves Nutrition Education Award, which is given to support volunteer groups engaged in projects and programs of nutrition education for the public.

Behan, who is also a best-selling author, hopes the recognition will lead to more awareness of the project.  The goal of the project is to show how people can make a single dietary change and eat more fruits and vegetables to reverse the trend in diet related diseases.

“It is an honor to be recognized by my professional organization and I hope that it leads to more people, including families with children, using the eating principles presented by the project,” Behan said.

In April of 2007, she developed the educational website called For the Love of Food, made an educational video and participated in a television piece for New Hampshire Public Television.

“Only ten percent of the population eats the right amount of fruits and vegetables,” Behan said. “If people ate the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables, the risk of diet related diseases would be lowered.”

Behan shares healthy recipes for preparing vegetables and fruits not only on the website, but with friends, co-workers and patients. “People love the idea,” she said. “My hope is for people to spread the idea, share recipes and ultimately improve their health by eating more fruits and vegetables.”

Behan hopes the concept will take hold among families with children and eventually wants to see the project translated into a curriculum for healthy eating for elementary aged students through high school students.