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My first doctor visit by telephone

Thank you to Dr. Michael Pangan’s patient for taking the time to send us this letter about his Telehealth experience at Core Physicians…

Dear Dr. Pangan,

I must admit, I had some doubts that a “visit” of the doctor’s office via telephone would be an adequate substitute for the real thing. To my surprise it was a very good experience!

As always, the success of any meeting depends a lot on the participants. Your assistant, Mrs. Kellisue Friedman, is a shining example of a competent and caring health professional with a vast experience. The entire consultation was the right mx of medical guidance and easy exchange of related personal background stories.

Kellisue addressed all my questions and concerns and she gave me precious advice right over the phone. She seemed to have time (and the patience) to listen to all I brought up; there was no feeling of time pressure. Kellisue was able to fully understand my concerns and to put them to rest by clear analysis and with sound advice. She absolutely gets 5 stars and is assured of my appreciation.

Am I ready for another telephone visit of my doctor’s office: you bet! The experience could not have been any belter, Thank you Kellisue.