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Plaistow Regional Health Center Slated to Open in July of 2020

Exeter Hospital and Core Physicians are pleased to announce the expansion of healthcare services in the Plaistow market with the planned July 2020 opening of Plaistow Regional Health Center. The new Center will be located at 127 Plaistow Rd, Plaistow, NH and will include Core Physicians’ primary and specialty care, along with Exeter Hospital adult and pediatric rehabilitation services. Core Physicians’ rotating specialty services at the new facility will include orthopedics, podiatry and cardiology, with additional specialties to follow. Exeter Hospital X-ray services and Core Physicians’ lab services will also be located onsite for patient convenience.

Core Physicians’ primary care uses a team-based care model. Each team includes a primary care physician, a physician or nurse practitioner, a nurse, medical assistant and care coordinator. The model ensures a patient has a team who is familiar with their health history to provide the most personalized care.

In addition, the new location will house ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care providing care for the treatment of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries in people of all ages. Exeter Hospital, Core Physicians and ClearChoiceMD are excited to have a shared location where they can better meet the needs and demands of the community with coordinated collaborative care.

“We understand the value that a walk-in facility such as ClearChoiceMD provides to not only our patients but the community at large. The delivery of healthcare is changing and at we are always looking for ways to provide enhanced access to care for our patients. This new model of shared space allows us to provide care in a coordinated efficient manner while greatly expanding services.” Said Sean O’Neil, VP of organizational excellence for Core Physicians.

Exeter Hospital, Core and ClearChoiceMD recognize the quality of care provided to their shared patients can be enhanced with clinical collaboration. “We are very excited to be partnering with Core Physicians and Exeter Hospital to provide coordinated, easily accessible, high-quality and affordable urgent care to their existing patients, as well as to the greater Plaistow Region said, Marcus Hampers, MD – CEO of ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care.