Telephone & Online Video Visits

Core Physicians is pleased to offer Telehealth visits for select appointments for new and existing patients. Telehealth allows for a safe and convenient method to continue your care where it is appropriate.  Some of the visits we can see via Telehealth include:

Back Pain Mental/Behavioral Health
Chronic Disease Management New Parenting Questions
COVID Questions New Patients
Flu, Cold, or Allergy Pediatric Fever or Advice
Follow-up Visits Rashes, Skin Conditions
General Health Questions Sports Injuries
Medicare Wellness Visits Test Results Follow-up
Medication Management and many more...

To book your Telehealth appointment, please call your doctor’s office today!

Direct online appointment booking is available for existing primary care patients with a Family Medicine or Internal Medicine primary care provider> No username or password required.

Telehealth - Learn about Virtual Visits from Dr. Bustamante

Virtual Video Visit - How it works
Core Physicians uses OTTO Health with Phreesia for online video appointments.

  • A few days before your scheduled appointment:  You will receive an email and/or text message asking you confirm and preregister for your upcoming appointment. Please do this when asked. At the end of the interview, you will also have an opportunity to test your device and internet browser.
  • 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment:  You will receive an email and/or text message asking you to authenticate who you are, check-in and enter the virtual waiting room. Once in the waiting room, your provider will be with you shortly.  Please refresh you internet browser if waiting longer than 10 minutes. (You will also be sent a second back-up email in case you need it should you exit out of your check-in questionnaire early or have any troubles retrieving your telehealth link).

The online video platform can be accessed via a computer, tablet or mobile device that has a web camera. When the visit begins, you will be able to see and hear your Core Physicians’  provider. The system is private, HIPAA compliant and easy to use. Please be sure to use your device in a private, quiet location with reliable cellular service.

Be sure to ONLY USE one of these internet browsers:

Click here to Test your device now!

How to Join Your Virtual Visit!
Devices and Connection Guide
Patient Quick Start Guide

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do NOT support Virtual Appointments on any device.

How do I invite a guest to my virtual visit?
If you need to invite a guest (parent/guardian/care manager) to your virtual visit, you can do so at time of visit if the guest has an email address different from yours.

  • Once you enter the virtual waiting room the day of your visit, click the ellipsis icon (the 3 dots), then click on the invite guest icon  
  • Enter your guest’s name & email address and hit submit
  • The guest will receive an email from OTTO Health where they can test their device and click Join Visit to request access.
  • Click on Allow to give permission for your guest to join the visit when prompted.

How much does a Telehealth visit cost?
Some insurers are waiving out of pocket expenses for their members for all COVID-19 related telehealth visits, as well as COVID-19 testing if needed.  Please contact your insurance plan with any questions regarding Telehealth coverage.

Telephone Visit - How it works
At the time of your telephone appointment, the Core Physicians’ provider will call you directly at the phone number you provided. Please be sure to be by your phone in a private, quiet location with reliable cellular service at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. When we call you, it may be from a phone number unknown to you. Please answer the phone when we call you.