Medical Records Requests

Core Physicians contracts with Sharecare Health Data Services to handle all patient requests for medical record copies.

To obtain a copy of your medical records from Core Physicians, please print and complete a Medical Record Release Form. Completed forms must be delivered to your Core Primary Care Physician or Specialists office for validation.  After your information is validated, we will notify Sharecare of your request and they will handle the rest and communicate with you accordingly.

Once Sharecare has processed your request, they will send your records via first class U.S. Mail or via e-mail with instructions detailing how to access the records electronically.

Cost for Medical Record Copies

Charges for medical record copies are governed by both state and federal regulations. The rates Sharecare will charge are calculated based on the HIPAA cost-based fees (which allows for the charging of medical record copies) or state statute…whichever is less.  Delivery costs (if applicable) are also charged.

If you are referred by a Core Physicians' provider to be seen by another doctor, or request a second opinion (regardless if it’s inside or outside of Core Physicians), there is no cost. In addition, if you request your records to be transferred to another doctor outside of Core because your Core provider is no longer employed by Core Physicians, there is no cost for up to six (6) months from the date of the Core provider's departure.

You will only be charged if you request records to be transferred to another doctor 'outside" of Core Physicians (except in the instance above) or you request records for personal use.

Track the Status of Your Request

If you have any further questions about Sharecare Health Data Services, you may contact them at or call 978-922-0016. If you want to track the status of your request once submitted, please visit their website at and click on Record Access and Record Status

Health Record (HR) - Access to your health history

If you just need a summary of your Core Physicians’ health history, you can request a copy of your HR through the patient portal.