Cardiology - Patient Stories

Badge of Health

“It really hit me that if I wanted be around to see my kids grow up, I needed to examine what I was eating and add cardiovascular exercise to my daily life.”

Seacoast police officer Bruce Page, 46, has not had ice cream in three years, nor soda in two. He rarely has steak or other red meat. He added cardiovascular exercise, such as running into his daily routine.  His lifestyle changes resulted after meeting with Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Vanessa Preble.

Before his sudden heart attack, at age 43, he felt he like he was in pretty good shape because “I could bench press 350 pounds, and thought, ‘hey, I’m exercising and I’m in great shape’,” he said. “In reality, it didn’t help my heart at all.” read more>

Cardiac Catheterization

“They showed me photos of the blocked artery, and photos with all of the arteries open after the procedure. I was able to go home the next day and I felt great.”

Cardiology-patient_Mike-Coconis400.jpgMike is a 68-year-old father and husband. A resident of Raymond, NH for over 33 years Mike enjoys an active lifestyle of tennis, skiing, surfing, golf and most importantly being a husband to wife Cathy and a father to his daughter Sarah.

In December of 2017, Mike was feeling pressure in his chest and shoulders and although he wasn’t sure if it was heart related and at the persistent urging from his wife Cathy, they called an ambulance. That decision may have saved his life. In the ambulance, emergency medical providers did an EKG and sent it along to Exeter Hospital before they arrived. read more>

Chain of Survival

“It takes a team effort, the chain of survival, to deliver great cardiac care". 

It was just another day for 72-year-old Frank Winslow “Win” Elliott II of Stratham, NH, volunteering at an event for the American Legion, where he is an active officer.  After a busy day, Win went to bed that night not feeling well. His wife, Pam, woke up when he made some distressing sounds in his sleep.  When she tried to wake him, he was unresponsive.  She immediately called her neighbor, who was a doctor and had an AED (automatic external defibrillator).  While the neighbor performed CPR on Win, Pam called 911, setting into motion the “chain of survival.” read more>