All Self Pay Balances are Due at the Time of Service

All self pay balances are due at the time of service and in some circumstances may be due prior to services rendered. Please be sure to pay your balance when you check-in online prior to your visit or bring your payment with you to your visit.

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Payment Options

1. Budget Plan
If you cannot afford to pay the balance in full, please contact our billing department at (603) 580-6753 to determine if you qualify for a budget plan.

2. Resources for un-insured or under-insured patients

3. Financial Assistance
Core Physicians offers a financial assistance program for patients who meet certain geographic and financial criteria. Patients must complete a financial assistance application to determine eligibility.

Receive Only Electronic Statements

To go paperless and only receive electronic copies of your patient statements, go to the SETTINGS tab on the portal and choose Statement Notifications and check off Receive only electronic statements.

Please contact us if you have any questions.