Acupuncture can be used for many conditions. The following is only a partial list of conditions the World Health Organization (WHO) believes can be treated using acupuncture:

Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders
Toothaches, earaches, sinus inflammation, and nasal inflammation.

Respiratory Disorders
Uncomplicated bronchial asthma in children and adults.

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Digestive tract problems, hiccups, inflammation of the stomach, chronic duodenal ulcers, inflammation of the colon, constipation, and diarrhea.

Eye Disorders
Inflammation of the conjunctiva or central retina.

Nervous System and Muscular Disorders
Headaches, migraines, certain facial paralysis or nerve pain, partial weakness after a stroke, inflammation of nerve endings, bed wetting, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sciatica, lower back discomfort/pain and osteoarthritis.

Plantar Fasciitis
To decrease pain and inflammation.

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