Safely returning athletes to their sports

Our Sports Concussion Program has been developed for the New Hampshire seacoast community to evaluate, manage, and safely return athletes to their sports. The Concussion Team consists of providers from Core Physicians and dedicated specialists from the Exeter Hospital Rehab Department. This includes Sports Medicine Physicians, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, and Certified Athletic Trainers. We utilize the most current practices, guidelines, and assessment tools to treat athletes of all ages and skill levels. We also treat non-athletes with similar injuries.

Joseph Bernard, DO is a Sports Medicine Physician at Core Orthopedics and leader of the Concussion Team.  He is a team physician for many local high schools as well as youth sports club and organizations.  He is also a Certified ImPACT Consultant (CIC).  The team follows the International Consensus Guidelines for evaluation and treatment of concussions, as well as recommendations for return to learn, work and sports.  This includes use of a neurocognitive test (ImPACT) when indicated.  If you or your child have sustained a concussion and want to schedule an evaluation, please contact the Core Orthopedics office at 603-777-1000.

Baseline Neurocognitive Testing

ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a computer-based program designed to establish a “baseline” of an individual’s neurocognitive function at the start of a sports season.  A comparative post-injury test can be used along with symptom recovery and normalization of the clinical exam to help evaluate the concussed athlete to determine when they are safe to return to play.  Most schools and many clubs use ImPACT testing to establish a baseline for their athletes at the start of the year.  We offer baseline testing to those who may not be getting it elsewhere and would like to have their athlete tested.  It is important to know that baseline testing is not a test to determine if you have a concussion, but to establish baseline neurocognitive function only.

Schedule a Baseline ImPACT Test

To schedule a baseline ImPACT test, to establish an athlete’s pre-injury state, please call 603-777-1000 or email Dr. Bernard or complete a baseline ImPACT test request form.

Concussion Management Services We Provide...

  • Preseason Baseline ImPACT testing
  • Post-injury ImPACT testing and interpretation by our team of experts
  • Evaluation and recommendation for return to play or work
  • International Consensus and CDC guidelines for return to play protocol

We are are also proud to be a partner with Seacoast United; supporting coaches, parents, and athletes for concussion evaluation and management.

Dr. Bernard - introduces you to our concussion team and services

Additional Concussion Resources and Links

CDC - Free Online Concussion Course for Coaches and Parents
In less than 30 minutes coaches and parents can learn about identifying a suspected concussion and how to respond.

Governor Lynch Signs NH Concussion Bill Into Law
The new law requires that a student-athlete suspected of having a concussion be removed from a game or practice immediately. The young athlete would only be allowed to play again if evaluated by a doctor and given written authorization to return.