We want your child’s first dental visit with us to be positive!

You can play a large part in preparing your child for his or her first visit. Here are some guidelines to help prepare you with confidence.

Try to be relaxed and at ease. Any anxiety on your part will probably be sensed by your child. Please tell your child that we will count and take pictures of his or her teeth. Try not to use any fear provoking words such as “hurt, drill, pull or needle.” Avoid statements like “the doctor will not hurt you.” (If I say to you “Don’t think of a banana!” what is the first thing you think of? It’s the same thing with the word “hurt.”)

Terminology that may be used during a visit:

Try to Avoid Our Equivalent  
examination count teeth  
explorer tooth counter  
tooth cleaning tickle tooth  
decay, cavity sugar bug  
needle or shot sleepy drops  
drill whistle  
drill on tooth wash the tooth  
pull or yank tooth wiggle a tooth out  
rubber dam raincoat  
gas happy air  

Passive Observer

We will explain everything to your child in terms he or she can understand. We encourage parents to be present for this first visit. We request, however, that the parent act as a “passive observer” during subsequent treatment visits. We need to have your child’s full attention in order to explain what we do. At times, we may request that the parent leave the treatment area so that we can have your child’s full attention. Please realize we will do so only as a means of improving the care your child receives.

No other children will be allowed in the treatment room, so you may want to bring a second adult to supervise your additional children in the waiting room.

If your child requires further dental treatment such as fillings, extractions, or other treatment, we will discuss the best method of helping your child have a positive experience. We will discuss our many behavior management techniques with you. Again, we request the parent to be a “passive observer” at these visits. Most children do have a more positive experience when the parent is not present in the treatment area.

As always, please do not hesitate to call us with any questions at 603-773-4900