Education and tools to promote self-management of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress

Core Cardiology is now offering a six week comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. The Lifestyle Medicine Clinic is designed to reduce and prevent diseases caused by lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition, physical inactivity, stress, and lack of emotional support. The six week program is designed to give patients education and tools to promote self-management of food, exercise, sleep, and stress.  

Lifestyle Medicine Clinic will be a small group class that meets remotely using webex or zoom. Each week will focus on a specific aspect of lifestyle medicine and will feature a guest speaker.  

The Lifestyle Medicine Clinic is run by Nurse Practitioner, Vanessa Preble, MSN, APRN as well as other specialists. After the 6 week program is completed each of you will set a goal and follow up with Vanessa in 4-6 weeks to ensure success and sustainability

For more information or to participate in the clinic, please call our cardiology office at 603-773-9992.

We recommend confirming insurance coverage with your health plan before enrollment.