Billing FAQs

Payment Questions

Q: Can I view my Patient Statement (what I owe) on-line?
Yes, please login to your Patient Portal account to see an electronic copy of your patient statement. You can also go paperless and only receive electronic copies of your statement. Go to the SETTINGS tab on the portal and choose Statement Notifications and check off Receive only electronic statements.

Q: Can I make a payment over the phone?
Yes, please contact the billing department at (603) 580-6753.

Q: Can I make a payment on-line?
Yes, you can pay your bill online through our Patient Portal!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
Personal check, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, eCHECK and cash are accepted. Please do not mail cash.

Q: What payment options do I have if I can not pay my bill within 30 days of service?
Please click here to learn more.

Insurance Questions

Q: Did you bill my insurance?
Your statement will indicate any payments received and the name of the insurance company that Core Physicians billed. You should have received an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company that matches the total billed, adjustments and balance due that are listed on your statement.

Q: Why do I owe money if my insurance already paid?
Your insurance carrier and policy dictate the benefits that are paid for services. Regardless of whether you use an in-network or an out-of-network provider, you could still be responsible for a portion of the services depending on the benefits of your policy. After Core Physicians has received payment from your insurance carrier, if there is a deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, or patient responsibility, you will be billed for that portion. This is the amount you owe to Core Physicians.

Q: What is a deductible?
A deductible is the amount a patient pays before the insurance carrier begins paying for a covered service. 

Q: What is a co-insurance?
Co-insurance is the amount a patient pays for a service based on the percentage of an insurance carrier's negotiated fee (up to a yearly defined maximum).

Q: What is a co-payment?
A co-payment is the amount a patient pays for a service based on the patient's insurance policy with their insurance carrier.

Q: What is patient responsibility?
Patient responsibility is the amount a patient pays for a service either because the service is not covered by their insurance, they have an out of pocket expense, or they have exceeded their maximum annual benefits.

Q: Is this service covered by my insurance?
Every insurance contract is different. You should know your own insurance plan or contact your insurance carrier to obtain this information. If you still need help in determining if a service is covered, please ask to speak to one of our billing specialists for assistance.

Q: Will you submit bills to my insurance even if you don’t have a contract with them?
Core Physicians will submit claims to insurances that we do not have a contract with only if they are for hospital services. If your bill is for an automobile claim we will courtesy bill them once, but it then becomes the patient’s responsibility to make sure that the bill gets paid.

Physician Billing Vs. Hospital Billing Questions

Q: Why do I receive separate bills from the physicians and the hospital?
When you have a visit at a hospital or a visit that requires the use of hospital equipment, resources from both the physician and hospital or facility are utilized in your care. The resources and services performed by the provider are required to be billed separately from the hospital. For example, a patient goes to the emergency room and has an MRI and laboratory tests done. Possible bills may include:

  • A bill from the hospital for the technical resources;
  • A bill from the emergency room physician for the professional services;
  • A bill from the radiologist for interpreting the imaging; and,
  • A bill from the pathologist for any specimens collected

Q: Why is the same item listed on both the physician and hospital bills?
If you see the same item on your bills, this is not a duplicate charge, but a separation of the physician and hospital services for your care. The physician bill is for the professional assessment, direction, and oversight. The hospital bill is for the technical resources and supplies used. Although both bills from the physician and hospital may use the same language to describe each charge, their services are separate and thus billed separately.

Q: Am I responsible for bills from both the physician and the hospital?
Yes, depending on how your insurance processes the bills. Both the physician and hospital groups will submit the bills to your insurance carrier, provided you have shared the pertinent insurance information. The amount you are billed for is based on how your insurance processed the bill and calculated your responsibility with your individual insurance plan benefits.

Most insurance plans require you to pay a co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible for health care services. If you believe your financial responsibility is inaccurate, please contact your insurance carrier directly.

Q: How do I pay my separate bills for each group?
After receiving bills from the hospital and physician groups, you may pay your financial responsibility by mailing your individual payments, contacting the Billing Office of each group using the phone number on each bill, or using the online payment options offered. Payment Plans and Financial Assistance may also be available; exclusions for eligibility may apply.

General Questions

Q: What information will I be asked to verify to discuss my bill?
If you call Core Physicians to discuss your bill, you will be asked to verify your date of birth, and in some cases your social security number. This identity verification is done for your protection and is kept confidential, just like the rest of your medical record information.

Q: Can I call on behalf of my spouse, parents, or children over the age of 18?
No, unless we have a release or letter signed by the patient we cannot discuss any details of the account. 

Q: Who should I contact if there are changes in my insurance plan or address?
If you should have changes in your insurance or your address between visits, bring your new insurance card and new address information to your next appointment where the receptionist can update your account. If your insurance changes and a bill needs to be sent to a new insurance company, or if your billing address has changed, please contact the billing department at (603) 580-6753.