Enabling more precise movements to ensure the best possible patient outcomes

Exeter Hospital has the newest and most advanced da Vinci Xi Surgical System, the latest innovation in precision robotic surgery. The da Vinci technology enables surgeons to operate with minimal incisions, and the tiny instruments have a greater range of motion than a human hand, enabling more precise movements to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. The endoscope allows for 3D visualization and magnification of organs which produces an image far superior to both the human eye and traditional laparoscopes. We are also using an Integrated Table Motion Bed, which connects and works seamlessly with the robotic technology. The robot also is able to utilize “Firefly” technology which is a special fluorescence imaging technique to visualize bile ducts and blood vessels more accurately. This will result in more precise identification of anatomy.

About Robotic Assisted Surgery

Our surgeons have years of experience in advanced and laparoscopic procedures, and the da Vinci technology is another opportunity to advance the level of surgical care they can provide to patients who meet the criteria for robotic-assisted surgery. The surgical team also includes surgical first assistants and several nurses who have been specially trained in the technology of robotic surgical procedures.

Robotic general surgery at Exeter Hospital is being performed by Dr. Jay Swett, Dr Robert Henley, Dr. Mary Fudge and Dr. Roderick McKee. Please call 603-775-7405 to ask if robotic surgery may be right for you.