Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants may be a solution if your hearing aids are not helping you understand sounds and speech

If you are straining to hear even when using powerful hearing aids and find that you are struggling to understand what is being said, a cochlear implant may be able to improve your hearing and quality of life.

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that provide sound signals to the brains of people who have a severe to profound hearing loss. The device works by bypassing the normal hearing process and are for people who are not helped by traditional hearing aids.

At Core Physicians, Otolaryngologist, Brandon Peck, MD and Audiologist Alex St. Pierre, AuD  work as a team to offer cochlear implants for adults who have severe hearing loss.

How a Cochlear Implant works

The cochlear implant system has a sound processor similar to a traditional hearing aid.  But unlike traditional hearing aids that increase the loudness and project sounds into the ear canal; a cochlear implant bypasses the inner ear that is no longer working.  With a cochlear implant, sounds are transformed into an electrical signal and sent directly to the hearing nerve, which then transmits the sound to the brain.

Patient Story - Second Cochlear Implant

Kim Lizak was not expecting to schedule her second cochlear implant surgery when she first met with audiologist Alex St. Pierre and surgeon Brandon Peck. The 46-year-old Seacoast resident had her first implant done six years prior at another facility, where she didn’t feel much confidence in her doctor. As a result, she decided to take some time away from further treatment. That all changed when Kim's story>

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