See a provider within the same care team who will be familiar with your medical history and care

Each team includes a board certified primary care physician, a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, a nurse, medical assistants and a care coordinator to oversee the team. This care team model will ensure you always see a provider within the same care team who will be familiar with your medical history and care.

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Primary Care Physician Care Team Providers
Bernard, Ellen, DO Dr. E. Bernard, Kim Kirby, APRN, Liisa Field, PA-C
Blank, Erika, MD Dr. Blank, Dr. Hanlon, Jennifer Loichle, APRN,  Susan Hathaway, PA-C
Buchanan, Elizabeth, MD Dr. Buchanan, Tara Conroy, PA-C, Sandra Macaulay APRN
Buono, David, MD Dr. Buono, Dr. Christo
Danielson, Valerie, MD Dr. Danielson, Lauren Lewis PA-C
Carpentier, Dominique, MD Dr. Carpentier, Dr. Larouche, Kari Weeder, APRN
Christo, Stephen, DO Dr. Christo, Dr. Buono
Doucet, Christen, MD Dr. DoucetDr. Porter, Susan Lynch, PA-C
Hanlon, Terrance, MD Dr. Hanlon, Dr. Blank, Jennifer Loichle, APRN, Susan Hathaway, PA-C
Howe, Jason, DO Dr. Howe, Dr. KeenanKari Weeder, APRNDr. Luchsinger,      
Keenan, Timothy, MD Dr. Keenan, Dr. HoweKari Weeder, APRN, Dr. Luchsinger,    
Lamb, Ashley, MD Dr. Lamb, Lauren Lewis, PA-C
Larouche, Monique, MD Dr. Larouche, Kari Weeder, APRN, Dr. Carpentier
Litsch, Sarah, DO Dr. Litsch, Dr. Mullaney, Dr. Pernyeszi, Kaileigh Grams, PA-C
Luchsinger, Joanna, MD Dr. Luchsinger, Dr. Howe, Dr. Keenan
Maull, John, MD Dr. MaullDr. McQueen, Shawn Roussin, PA-C
McQueen, Claudia, MD Dr. McQueen, Dr. Maull, Shawn Roussin, PA-C
Mullaney, Steven, MD Dr. Mullaney, Dr, Litsch, Dr. Pernyeszi, Kaileigh Grams, PA-C
Pangan, Michael, MD Dr. M. Pangan, Dr. Stevens, Ingrid Gedraitis, APRN
Pangan, Patty, MD Dr. P. PanganCarolyn Guillette, PA-C
Pernyeszi, Gabor, MD Dr. Pernyeszi, Dr. Mullaney, Dr, Litsch, Kaileigh Grams, PA-C
Porter, Susan, MD Dr. PorterDr. Doucet, Susan Lynch, PA-C
Reeder, Mark, MD Dr. Reeder, Laura Dhima, APRN
Stevens, Michael, DO Dr. Stevens, Dr. M. Pangan, Ingrid Gedraitis, APRN
Wu, Michael, MD Dr. WuShana Levander, APRN
Yager, Mariana, MD Dr. YagerEllen Bennett, PA-C