See a provider within the same care team who will be familiar with your medical history and care

Each team includes a board certified primary care physician, a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, a nurse, medical assistants and a care coordinator to oversee the team.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs)

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants provide high quality care and may treat you in coordination with your primary care doctor. Patients who see NPs and PAs rate them high in patient satisfaction scores.

Nurse Practitioners are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who have a higher level of training and education so they can treat some health conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor. Nurse practitioners are qualified to diagnose medical problems, perform some procedures, order treatments, make referrals and prescribe medication.

Physician Assistants are nationally certified and state-licensed experts in general medicine. Physician Assistants (PA) work as part of a care team and can diagnose and treat conditions and prescribe medication.

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Primary Care Physician Care Team Providers
Al-Humaidhi, Noor, MD Dr. Noor, Sandra Macauley, APRN, Christina Delaney, APRN
Bernard, Ellen, DO Dr. E. Bernard
Bonesho, Alexandra, MD Dr. Bonesho, Dr. Pruette
Buchanan, Elizabeth, MD Dr. Buchanan, Sandra Macaulay APRN, Christina Delaney, APRN
Bustamante, Christopher, MD Dr. Bustamante, Lauren McGrath APRN, Jennifer Gauthier, APRN
Covey, Mark, MD Dr. Covey, Dr. Kyle, Whitney Nowak, APRN
Doucet, Christen, MD Dr. Doucet, Katherine Godek, APRN
Fernandez, Marissa, MD Dr. Fernandez,
Fetchero, John, DO Dr. Fetchero
Forrest, Eileen, MD Dr. Forrest, Elizabeth Williams, APRN, Dr. Johnson
Hanlon, Terrance, MD Dr. Hanlon, Amy Robinson, APRN
Howe, Jason, DO Dr. Howe, Kari Weeder, APRNDr. Luchsinger
Johnson, Kristen, MD Dr. Johnson, Elizabeth Williams, APRN, Dr. Forrest
Jones, Jennifer, MD Dr. Jones, Shanta Dawson, APRN
Kahane, Joshua, MD Dr. Kahane, Meghan Chenausky, APRN
Keenan, Timothy, MD Dr. Keenan, Dr. Luchsinger, Kari Weeder, APRN
Kovanko, Alexander, DO Dr. Kovanko, Jennifer Skoczylas, APRN
Kyle, Daniel, MD Dr. Kyle, Dr. Covey, Whitney Nowak, APRN
Larouche, Monique, MD Dr. Larouche, Dr. Howe, Amanda Alaimo, APRN
Litsch, Sarah, DO Dr. Litsch, Kaileigh Dube, PA-C
Loh, Steven, MD Dr. Loh, Jan Michaud, APRN, Dr. Toshach
Luchsinger, Joanna, MD Dr. Luchsinger, Dr. Howe, Kari Weeder, APRN
McQueen, Claudia, MD Dr. McQueen, Shawn Roussin, PA-C
Melendy, Elizabeth, MD Dr. Melendy, Rebecca McCallister, APRN, Dr. Westinghouse, Whitney Nowak, APRN
Mullaney, Steven, MD Dr. Mullaney, Debra Krison, APRN
Pangan, Michael, MD Dr. M. Pangan, Ingrid Gedraitis, APRN, Kellisue Friedman, PA-C
Pangan, Patty, MD Dr. P. Pangan, Nicole Murphy, APRN, Molly Viens, APRN
Pernyeszi, Gabor, MD Dr. Pernyeszi
Phaneuf, Gabrielle, DO Dr. Phaneuf, Jaclyn Gaudette Bowley, APRN
Pruette, David, MD Dr. Pruette, Dr. Bonesho
Rayman, Shannon, DO Dr. Rayman
Reeder, Mark, MD Dr. Reeder, Kerry Meyer, APRN
Stevens, Michael, DO Dr. Stevens, Jennifer Loichle, APRN
Toshach, Denise, MD Dr. Toshach, Jan Michaud, APRN, Dr. Loh
Westinghouse, Andrea, MD Dr. Westinghouse, Rebecca McCallister, APRN, Dr. Melendy, Whitney Nowak, APRN
Woodward, Margaret, MD Dr. Woodward
Wu, Michael, MD Dr. Wu