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Now Offering Electromagnetic (Navigational) Bronchoscopy

Enables better access and greater visualization of the lungs

Core Physicians is now performing electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy using the Superdimension navigation system. This technology enables better access and greater visualization of the lungs by creating a roadmap of the bronchial tubes to biopsy lung nodules. The bronchoscope is a flexible tube with a camera at the tip that allows pulmonologists to look into the lungs. The new software uses a CT scan of the patient’s lung to create a three dimensional “road map” to navigate the lung. During the procedure, the new technology uses an electromagnetic field that allows the physician to navigate along the map using a sensor tipped catheter. Physicians are now able to biopsy smaller nodules and navigate deeper into the lung with the bronchoscope.

With this improved access and visibility inside the lung, physicians are able to diagnose benign conditions that can simply be monitored or treated, avoiding unnecessary surgery. They are also able to identify suspicious nodules earlier, which allows for greater treatment success. If surgery is needed, the new technology also allows physicians to place a precise marker to guide surgery or radiation therapy.

“We are excited about navigational bronchoscopy,” said Pulmonologist, John Brennan, MD. “This new technology is minimally invasive and allows us to biopsy pulmonary nodules that were previously outside our reach with bronchoscopy and to hopefully diagnose lung cancers at an earlier stage that can be removed with surgery. We can also diagnose benign conditions that cause lung nodules and avoid surgery in these patients.”