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Spinal Cord Stimulation for Nerve Pain

Physiatrists at Core Physicians have introduced an exciting therapy for chronic back and/or leg pain.

"Whether it is pain related to failed spinal surgery or chronic nerve pain in the extremities related to neuropathy, spinal cord stimulation is a tested therapy that can reduce medication use, help avoid further, more invasive surgery, and improve one’s quality of life," explained Dr. Feeney

Core physiatrists are working closely with Coastal New Hampshire Neurosurgeons to help patients who may benefit from this therapy. Spinal cord stimulation involves a trial period during which stimulation is provided via a minimally-invasive procedure. The patient works with the physician to assess the benefit of the system during this trial. If the patient benefits, then a minimally invasive surgery, performed by a neurosurgeon, is used to implant the stimulator system for long-term pain relief.

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