Primary Care Teams

Family Practice | Internal Medicine

Patients of our adult primary care practices, have the benefit of an entire team working together to provide your care. While you have one Primary Care Provider (PCP), you may be seen by a physician (MD or DO), nurse practitioner (APRN) or physician assistant (PA). While you may not be seen by the same provider every time you visit, you will always be seen by the appropriate provider for the level of care you need for that visit.

All of our primary care and specialty care providers have immediate access to your health history, ensuring you receive informed, comprehensive care throughout Core’s health system.

Additionally, we are growing our team of behavioral health clinicians within the practices to provide counseling and meet the social needs of our patients.

All of our primary care clinicians are able to conduct telehealth visits to address certain medical needs. We have a team of providers dedicated to meet your same-day medical concerns when your PCP is not available. As part of our goal to be responsive to your questions and requests, we also have a dedicated “in-box” provider, to assist the in-office clinicians while they are caring for patients.

Surround yourself with great care – our team is looking forward to caring for you.