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Patient Portal (NextMD)

Your online service to Core Physicians

Patient Portal | Email Your Physician

Patient Portal is an online service that provides you with a fast, reliable, easy to use method of communicating with your physician’s office anytime it’s convenient for you. With Patient Portal you can connect with your doctor’s office through a convenient, safe and secure method to:

Schedule an Appointment
New! - Book Your Own Appointment
Even receive appointment reminder emails.

Email Your Doctor’s Office
No more playing phone tag. Simply send a message!

Personal Health Record
View, download, or share a summary of your health history

Manage Your Medications
View dosage information and request a prescription refill!

Care for Your Entire Family
Securely access medical information about your child or someone in your care. Now you have one location for your entire family’s upcoming appointments, medications and more.

How do I enroll in the Patient Portal (

If you are a new or established patient of Core Physicians, you can choose one of three ways to enroll in the Patient Portal:

1. Visit any Core Physicians’ office

2. Complete an online Patient Portal (NextMD) Enrollment Form

2. Call our Customer Service line at 603-580-6753
    (Weekdays, 7:00AM - 5:30PM)

After validating your information, we will notify you of your temporary enrollment token number. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to use this token number to complete your patient portal enrollment.

For Patient Portal Login Assistance

Please call our Customer Service line at 603-580-6753 weekdays between 7:00AM - 5:30PM.